#GroundWorkSeason VIII "Back to the Basics"

#GroundWorkSeason VIII "Back to the Basics"
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

*New Artist on The Rise* @ImPerilP

So Im on FaceBook One Day.. and I Seen One of My Homies (@imakedislukEZ) Left Me a Wall Post About Check Out This Artist.. Honestly I Get Spammed With Links DAILY But Something Told Me to Hear This Guy Out. . . .

One of the Smartest Moves I Ever Made. . . .

The Artist Goes By The Name Peril P

and Dude Has BARS! The Track I Heard Was a Freestyle to Travis Porter's "Make It Rain"
(Dont Forget To Pause Playlist on the Right to Preview Tracks)

So I Hit My Dawg Back and Told Him To Give Peril P My Email.. Lets Work! Which Led Me to These Tracks. . .

Angels Freestyle

Peril P - Cant Let You Go Feat. AJay Harrell

What Did I Tell You. . . Dude Has BARS!

Get Familiar With Peril P. :

In a time where southern rap, along with other actions are accused of being the death of Hip-Hop. You stumble upon the needles in the haystack like upcoming artist PERIL P that assures you that accusation is a bold face lie. Born December 19th 1988 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Raised in Orlando, FL. PERIL P is clearly more than just your average southern rapper. Rapping since the age of 12, sneaking into hip-hop bars and ciphers has definitely turned this artist into a phenom. In the dictionary the word Peril pronounced [per-uhl] means "something that causes or may cause injury, loss, or destruction." And lyrically PERIL P clearly defines the definition. Catchy chorus's, witty punch lines, and lyrics so real you could reach out and touch them as your listening are just a little taste of what can be done by the upcoming artist.
Influenced by great artist like, 2pac, Jay-Z, Eminem, D.M.X, T.I., Lil Wayne, Field Mob, Cash Money & many more, you can listen to the versatility in each song as you play a PERIL P record. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and see for yourself.

The Homie Jus Recently Dropped a Mixtape and If You Think He Doesnt Have More Punchlines to Hit ya in the Jaw With... You're Crazy!!!

Stay Connected With Peril P. :


  1. gr8 piece on da hommie Peril P.. the tape str8 whammin! Parachute Crew- Its a lifestyle

  2. new link other one crashed from heavy traffic http://www.datpiff.com/Peril-P-Pesos-X-Parachutes-mixtape.216754.html