#GroundWorkSeason VIII "Back to the Basics"

#GroundWorkSeason VIII "Back to the Basics"
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4/20: Mixtape Releases By @Jigg305 @ThaRealJayFresh @BriscoOpaLocka

Wats Up Folks! All My Smokers, Wats Goooood?

2day is 4/20 and for those who are Unfamiliar, it is National Weed Day! 

A Holiday for Some, Regular Day for Others But Either Way We Got New Music and Shoes!

1st Up: The Homie @Jigg305 Drops the Highly Anticipated Mixtape "High Grade" and It is a Must-Have! Jigg Provides a Homerun and This Mixtape Will be Regarded as a Classic When Its All Said and Done!

1.HighGrade Produced by The Heatmakerz
2.Represent Produced by Terminal E
3.I Do This Produced by Djay Cas
4.Rich Nigga Dreams Produced by MegaMan for Boi1da Productions
5.Rockin With Produced by Stevie E
6.Fly Away Produced by Crack Koke
7.Nu Skool Mobsta Produced by General Ed
8.Murda He Wrote Produced by The Olympicks
9 Fiendin For You Produced by The Runners
10. Peeka Boo Produced by Solaar
11. Big Faces Produced by General ED
12. Son of Sam Produced by Oddz and Endz
13.Ex Girl Prod By Scamz
14.Runnin Away Prod by CashFlow ft MoWet
15.Drug Dealin Prod by Solaar
16.RolePlay Produced By Solaar
17. Now You Know Produced by Tim Royce
18. Only Heaven Knows Produced by Djay Cas

Next Up: The Big Homie @ThaRealJayFresh Delivers His Mixtape "757 Musik" and Another Banger! Met the Homie when Doing an Event at FIU awhile Back and I Knew Then He Would Have a Big Year Soon! This is the Year!
1.What A Life
2.Built 2 Last
3.Picture Me
4.Want It All
5.Kiss The Sky
7.What I Do
8.You Don't Like That
9.Stay Broke
10.Supa Bad
11.Bout It
12.Audio Tears

Last But Not Least: The OpaLocka Goon: @BriscoOpaLocka Returns With The Sequel to the OG Kush Mixtape that Dropped Last 4/20! "OG Kush Part 2: The 4/20 Petition" Features Bris and Many of Ya Fav. Artists! 

Check Out The TrackListing 
1. Intro Mart Jane
2. Puff (Feat. J Randall)
3. Real Bad Boys (Feat. Red Rat)
4. Seat Laid Back
5. Pass The Torch (Feat. Jase)
6. Pussy Money and Power (Feat. Bow Wow)
7. We Can Get Busy (Feat. Jase)
8. Stuck In My Ways
9. Super Hero (Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Beans)
10. Spoken Word