#GroundWorkSeason VIII "Back to the Basics"

#GroundWorkSeason VIII "Back to the Basics"
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

[Event Recap] Best In Dade Awards 2011

Last Night Was One For The Books!

Street Connect DJs Brought the 2nd Annual Best In Dade Awards and It Was An Eventful Evening to Say The Least!

1st Off Major S/O to DJ KrunchOne and DJ Meat and the entire Street Connect DJ family for Doing Something That Took Alot of Balls To Say The Least.

I Won Best Club DJ!!!!

The Crowd Cheered For Me When My Name Was Announced and My Jam Squad Brothers Walked on Stage As I Accepted My Award!

Picture Courtesy of @Scrapye

There Were Alot of Upsets That People Were Confused By But No Win is Guaranteed in This Business!

The Complete Lists of Winners Will Be Up Soon!

Underground Radio Personality
Next To Blow
Female Hustler of the year
Honey's Money
Male Hustler of the year
Steve-O (SoLoose)
Best Restaurant
Chef Creole
Best Urban Store
Purple Carpet
Best Blog Website
Best producer
Young Trizo
Indie Label
Keep It 100 Records
Best StripClub DJ
DJ Meat
Best Club DJ
DJ Lucky C
Best Video of the Year
IceBerg - Snap
Best Director
EZ Kut Films
Best Female Grinder
Best Male Grinder
Best Performer
Best Male R&B Artist
AJ the R&B General
Best Graphic Designer
Rep Gfx
Best Mixtape DJ
DJ Choz
Best Promoter
So Loose Promo
Best R&B Female Artist
Kirby Maurier
Group On The Rise
NMB Stunnaz
Most Underrated Artist
Best Female Lyricist
Best Male Lyricist
Mixtape of the Year
Brisco - 21 Jumpstreet
Best Club
Best Single
Gunplay - Rollin
Rookie of the Year
Young Spook
Best Strip Club
Most Improved Female Artist
Most Improved Male Artist
Best Underground DJ
DJ Primetime
Best Mixshow DJ
DJ Entice
Best Radio Personality
Felisha Monet

I Missed Out On The Award The Gave the Living Legend Trick Daddy But Check Out The Piccalo Reunion That Took Place!

(Don't Forget to Pause The Playlist on the Right to Preview Content) 

Check Out These Pics:

Whoop! Me & @MzSilver << Biggest Fan :)

@SmashZoo @BP_DreSZ & @CasanovaSZ 
Picallo Reunion: YD (L) and Desloc Picallo (R)

Picallo Reunion: Vido No Shake (L) & Desloc Picallo (R)

The Lovely @OMGItsSarahLove (Artist)

Great Talents: @LaLahMusic & @OMGItsSarahLove (Artists)

Fam! (From Left to Right) @OMGItsSarahLove, @LaLahMusic, @MisLP,
@MzSilver, @Scrapye, Tiny & @SassySIngz

My Peoples! @Scrapye & @SassySingz

I'll Kill 4 These 2! @MzSilver & @LaLahMusic

Big Homie @TheRealDCash

Feline Royale: Jess B & @SassySingz

Beautiful! The Lady Runners:
 @IAmNickyRae, @GoldenButtafly & Plump!

My Fav. Munchkin @MsArab

Street Connect Boss @DJKrunchOne Addressing The Audience

Rookie of The Year @YoungSpookBruno

Group on the Rise @NMBStunnaz

@MisLP & @JBeats_ThaIV 
Most Improved Artist (Female) @MisLP