#GroundWorkSeason VIII "Back to the Basics"

#GroundWorkSeason VIII "Back to the Basics"
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

[New Music] @GoldenButtafly - What Ah Feeling

Brand New Record from a Dope Lyricist.

Im a Big Fan of @GoldenButtafly Becuz She's Unique!

She's Bringing That Floetry Sound Back and I Salute Her!

Read Her Bio Below to Get Familiar With Her. . 

"The great soultress Jill Scott sung to us about the need to live our lives like its golden. An indelible mark is sure to be left on your spirit when your ears are titillated by the lyrical sensations of Nyeema “Golden” Carmichael. Her beauty, poise and prose cause many to liken her to a golden butterfly dynamic, evolving and awe inspiring by nature.
With a background deeply rooted in poetry and soul music it was a natural metamorphosis that led this young floetress and her love of words and melody to develop a sound she likes to call "Poetry in Motion" or better known to the masses as "Floetry". You will find her to be a captivating, multi-talented young woman soaring against the grain of industry norm. Her destiny is to give the world what it’s missing and her musical talent leaves you feeling golden. 
It is Golden’s lingual tantalization- a combination of real life experiences, trials and tribulations weaved into rich storytelling that makes her style difficult to bind with words; but then again the beauty of a butterfly is best witnessed in motion… In other words it is not to be limitedly described, but instead indulgently experienced.
A combination of poetry that speaks to ones inner consciousness and beats that make you bob your head, snap your fingers and tap your feet  will stroke your senses and make you want to go along for the ride ushered by this beautiful lyrical guide. Prepare to take flight, with Golden."

Check Out Da Record Below!

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