#GroundWorkSeason VII "Year of the UnderDawg"

#GroundWorkSeason VII "Year of the UnderDawg"
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

[Video] @Downtown500 Presents: The New Miami Concert [Shot By @SlimTheCoolKid]

Remember the New Miami Concert I was Apart of a Few Months Back...

The Movement I'm Tellin Yall Thats Gonna Take Over Reaaalllll Sooon??

Heres a Dope Visual From @SlimTheCoolKid Showcasing the Artists and Yours Truly Spinning on the 1s & 2s!!

(Don't Forget to Pause The Playlist on the Right to Preview Content)

The Next New Miami Concert Will Be Coming Real Soon!!!

Click on Flyer to See the Photos. Shot By @SmashZoo

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