#GroundWorkSeason VII "Year of the UnderDawg"

#GroundWorkSeason VII "Year of the UnderDawg"
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

[DJ Mix] #Top100Jamz2014 Mixed By @DJLuckyC

Another Great Year in the Books!

A lot of Ups and a lot of Down but Thru It All We Made It (Drake Voice)

Here's My Recap of the Year! #Top100Jamz2014

The Previous End of Year Mixes Were Only Top 25 HipHop and R&B but I Decided to Expand This Year Due to All The Dope Music!

The First Part: #Top50HipHopJamz Dropped Yesterday! Check It Out!

The 2nd Part: #Top50RnBJamz Drops 2mr!

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