#GroundWorkSeason VII "Year of the UnderDawg"

#GroundWorkSeason VII "Year of the UnderDawg"
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"They've Got Next in 2011"

Sooooo on the morning Jan. 5th, I checked my Blackberry (like I usually do) and seen that (points up)! My homie Mimi over at MOJD.net released a list of who she felt had a great year in 2010 and will make a BIG statement in 2011. I scrolled the list and saw fellow Jam Squadian Ya Boi Chad (Best Breakthrough Artist), da beautiful & talented Kirby over at Valholla (Best Breakthrough Artist: Female), my BIG brother Scrapye (Humanitarian of the Year) and A LOT of other hard workers! I must say: I am EXTREMELY grateful, humbled and honored to be mentioned!

Check Out The Entire List Here: MOJD.NET's Best of 2010: Home Grown Edition and be sure to Bookmark her Site!