#GroundWorkSeason VIII "Back to the Basics"

#GroundWorkSeason VIII "Back to the Basics"
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

[New Music] @JNics305 x @FWayGod x @PrezP_BeCampin - Rollin Clean

"It's That #NewMiami man. You Aint Gotta Like It, But Respect That Shit..." - @PrezP_BeCampin

I Remember Warning That The #NewMiami Would Be Takin Over....

We Pickin Up Speed Now!!

S/O JNics: @JNics305 (of TheC9) x Lil Champ FWAY: @FWayGod (of The C9 & Raider Klan) x Prez P: @PrezP_BeCampin (of Da Camp) For This Track..

Nice Vibin (Smokin) Record.. These Boys Got Bars.. Gotta Pay Attention!!


The Timeless EP Droppin SOON!!

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