#GroundWorkSeason VIII "Back to the Basics"

#GroundWorkSeason VIII "Back to the Basics"
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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[New Music] @ViceSquad305 - B.A.B.E. x Drop

Brand New Music from Miami's Own @ViceSquad305 

These are 2 New Singles to Fit Anyone's Taste.

"B.A.B.E. (Bad Ass Bitch Everyday)" is a Track for All the Beautiful Ladies Out There With Their Own Style, Swag and Sass!

"Drop" is Strictly for the Clubs! Money Flyin.. Girls Gettin Loose.. This is What "Drop" Will Do in a Matter of Time!

(Don't Forget to Pause The Playlist on the Right to Preview Content)

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  1. Shout ta "VS" LESS STRESS MO CHECKS!!!

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